Como Me Gusta was written and produced by me and created to emphasize the authenticity of short grain rice for Puerto Rican recipes...competing growers had begun to shift to marketing medium grain rice and we were charged with reminding our consumer that the only RIGHT rice for our national cuisine was short grained rice.  Packaging was redesigned to include the kiss and this initial campaign brought the brand into market leadership in spite of a premium price point.

 Internato was written by Fabian Capecchi and produced by me for our client, Procter and Gamble in Brazil.  I supervised all aspects of pre production, production and post production including the development of the animation sequence.

 Tajín is a traditional seasoning used in much of Latin America but especially in Mexico for flavoring fruits and vegetables.  I created a testimonial campaign for TV, in-store and on social media to introduce the General Market palate to this outstanding  flavor. The campaign ran in Los Angeles resulting in a significant penetration within the test market area.