There's more than one way to skin a cat.

With apologies to the cat!  But while there are many ways to approach a project I like to follow a time cherished routine which is stellar in its simplicity!

Fill out a quick form, (Click here to be redirected to the form) give me your contact information and a brief description of your project...and I'll get in touch with you.

Then we'll talk about the nitty gritty.

  • Project descriptions
  • Deadlines
  • Quotes
  • And delivery.
I accept online payment via credit card with 50% due upon acceptance of quote and the final 50% due upon delivery.  All revisions are effected with a "change request" form available on-line.  Three revisions are included in the quote, others are charged at agreed upon rates.  Simple, straightforward and hassle-free.

All third party fees (art directors, field producers, etc.) are billed separately and the same conditions apply.

Materials are delivered via the Internet