Words...that's where it all starts!

Every project starts with words...and my job is to make those words work for you and your project as

efficiently and as effectively as possible.

Years of strategic thinking and planning in a major advertising agency imprinted the

discipline of developing and sticking to sound

objectives and the importance of fine-tuning great copy.

I will work with your project for radio, print, television, corporate videos, social networking,

blogs, point of purchase,

E Mail marketing and/or web content development

in English or in Spanish to give you and your

team measurable results.

The work process maximizes the use of current technology to provide the 

engagement and personal involvement of a creative team.

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 Creative Direction, Copy and Production

All in one! Creative direction addresses the context, the whimsy, the relevance, the copy transforms it into executable pieces and production brings it alive! 

Creative oversight of audio visual production is a very sound investment...my experience with production and post production helps keep the creative fresh and strategically on track while keeping costs down. I work with a senior field producer and in tandem we streamline the production process from quoting to traffic arrangements.

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